St. Paul, MN Insurance Tips for the Winter

As much as we hate to admit it, Winter will be here before we know it. Today was a good reminder on how quickly the weather changes in Minnesota. Have questions about some of your vehicles’ insurance for the Winter? Check out the tips below for help!

Boat Insurance

Is it really necessary to have insurance on your boat when it’s in the garage for the Winter months? Most insurance agencies suggest that if you are worried or concerned about fire or theft; then it is probably a good idea to keep your boat policy the same.

RV Insurance

RVs are much like boats as far as insurance goes in the Winter. Although it is rare for someone to use their RV in the Winter, many insurance agents agree that it is important to keep your RV insurance policy the same; especially if you are concerned about fire or theft.

Car Insurance

There are few things you should think about for your car insurance in the Winter months.

  1. Do you own a vehicle that you don’t drive in the winter; such as a classic car?
    • You can save hundreds if you reduce the coverage of the car (or cars) that are parked for the Winter.
    • For example, if you lower your coverage to something like “Comprehensive”, then your vehicle will still be covered for storm damage, fire, theft, and vandalism.
  2. Getting roadside assistance might be a good idea.
    • It is a common occurrence to see a car in a ditch, especially with the Winters we have in Minnesota. Avoid the expensive towing bills by purchasing an inexpensive roadside coverage plan for your auto policy.
  3. Increase your coverage.
    • Add comprehensive and/or collision coverage.
    • Since risk levels often increase in the Winter months, it may be a good idea to increase your coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance

  1. Increase your motorcycle deductibles in the Winter Months, it will save you money. Considering your motorcycle isn’t being driven in the Winter, the risk for damage is almost non-existent.
  2. For the Winter months, remove the medical coverage you have on your motorcycle.

These ideas may not be for everybody, but we think for the average Minnesotan these St. Paul, MN insurance tips for the Winter are good ideas to keep in mind.

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