How to Avoid Distractions While Driving

The American commuter spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic according to the Atlantic web site. For some, getting behind the wheel is mundane. For others, it’s new or nerve-racking. Regardless, when it comes to driving, safety needs to be a priority.

Here are the top five tips, several recommended by to avoid distracted driving:

  • Program your GPS.  I need to know where I’m going before even getting into my car. It’s a lot easier to enter my destination into the GPS before leaving the driveway.
  • Pay attention to your windshield.  Before I take a longer trip, I always check my wiper blades, wiper fluid and of course, clean my windshield. Filling the wiper fluid is easy; it prevents the agony of trying to see during a storm. I also recommend spraying anti-streak solution on your windshield to keep your line of sight clear.
  • Monitor your kids and/or pets.  If you’re driving with children, buckle them in and provide age-appropriate books and toys to keep them occupied and minimize interruptions while driving. In my case, it’s not kids that distract me, it’s my three dogs. When I travel, I put the smaller two pups in comfortable crates and confine my big Fox Hound to the back of the car, blocking him from entering the front seat area.
  • Ditch the phone.  I’m often tempted to use my cell phone while driving, especially when the trip is long. Recently, I’ve made a few rules. I silence my phone, place it in airplane mode and put it away in my pocket. If I feel the urge to check my voice mail or call someone, I pull over at a rest area or gas station.
  • Prepare your music.  I saved my biggest distraction for last which is trying to find the right song. I’ve had a few close calls fiddling with the radio dial. I now set my radio preset buttons and use the “Seek” function rather than pressing random buttons. When it comes to CD’s, I pick them before moving my car and put them in an accessible place. Nowadays I also love to set automatic playlists on my phone.

By spending a little time planning, I get to where I’m going without the self-inflicted problems I was guilty of in the past and so can you! Thanks to for contributing to the content of this blog.

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