Home Safety Tips from Farmers Union Insurance Agency

Home Safety Tips from Farmers Union Insurance Agency

There are a number of great home safety tips that every homeowner should consider, one of which is ensuring proper home insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, too many homeowners overlook the little things that can keep them from reducing their risk of injury.  Here are some of the best home safety tips to consider when it comes to protection and value.  Connect with a Farmers Union Insurance Agent in your area HERE to get a free, comprehensive quote!

Electricity is Nothing to Play With

One of the risks to a homeowner is improperly wired electrical connections.  Improper electrical connections have the potential to start a fire that can do significant damage to a home.  With that in mind, there are ways that homeowners can reduce their risks and protect themselves.  They should make sure their electrical wiring and connections are all taken care of so they can have peace of mind.  This is typically done through a home inspection before the buyer purchases the property.  Additionally, sometimes problems appear later even if there were no issues during the inspection.

By staying aware of that, homeowners can keep an eye out for electrical problems that could post a risk.  These include lights flickering, breakers tripping, crackling or static types of sounds, and appliances shorting out or otherwise failing.  Any time those kinds of things start to happen, homeowners need to pay close attention.  They will also want to reach out to a qualified electrician in order to make sure they are protected.

Reducing the Risk of Fire

Fire is a very real risk for homeowners.  One of the mot significant causes of fire is electrical problems.  But there are may other ways a fire could start and injure someone.  Cooking fires, for example, are problematic and relatively common.  Most of these fires and burns are small, but sometimes they can get out of hand and cause serious injuries and damage to a home.  Having smoke alarms that work properly, along with fire extinguishers, are good ways to reduce the chances of being injured in a fire.

Homeowners will also want to take a look at the outside of their home, and if there is a lot of brush, trees, and other flammable things close by that can be a problem.  Keeping brush and flammable materials (such as a stack of firewood) away from the sides of the house is a good choice to reduce risk.  It may not solve all of the problems, but it will help make things safer for the homeowner.

Other Potential Home Safety Issues Homeowners Can Face

Fire and electrical problems are far from the only home safety issues a homeowner can face.  They will also want to consider things like stairs that don’t have proper railings, loose boards on decks, porches, and patios, uneven or broken concrete walkways, poorly lit areas, and anything that is sharp or pointed.  By being diligent and careful, homeowners can lower the risk of damage or injury significantly.

That way, a homeowner can enjoy their home and appreciate all it has to offer, while having a far lower chance of getting hurt.  Feeling safe in their own home goes a long way toward a happy life for any homeowner.  It provides peace of mind, which is something that really can’t be bought and that a homeowner certainly can’t put a price on.

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Thanks to Kris Lindahl, REALTOR® CRS CLHMS, RE/MAX Results, Blaine, MN for contributing to the content of this blog regarding Home Safety Tips.  You can find his website HERE.

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